Configuring Your Corporate Network for Maximum Security and Full Functional Use of the iaX-2101


To securely integrate the assaya iaX-2101 into your corporate network, through wired LAN or WiFi, while enabling unhindered communication by the device with the external cloud backend (AWS), and preventing unauthorized access to or by any other internal network devices or segments.

About the iaX

The assaya iaX is an electronic embedded device, which is a type of Edge Diagnostic Device (EDD), and often called a Rapid Diagnostic Reader (RDR). The iaX has regulatory approvals as a Class 1 medical In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) device used to read any UTID.ORG compatible Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) kits from any manufacturer in seconds. The iaX is currently registered for use in the USA by the FDA, in Taiwan by the Taiwan FDA, in the UK by MHRA, in the EU MDR with CE marking as an IVDR/IVDD, ANVISA in Brazil, and is pending approvals in India through CDSCO and BIS.

About the DX portal

The iaX stores raw data, images and calculated diagnostic result data into an AWS hosted DX cloud instance. Depending on customer geography, data residency and ecological niche requirements, the cloud instances may be hosted in various AWS zones, such as Mumbai, Singapore, Frankfurt, etc, and branded such as AssayaDx, NordicDx, EvalynDX. PharmDx, AquaDx, etc.

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