Founder / Chief Science Officer
Physics and biochemistry background from Oslo, Norway, 12 years in Atlanta, 3 years in Tokyo, with 100+ patents. Grew AMI Taiwan from 100 to 500 people in 5 years. 13 years of embedded design and biotech in Taiwan. Deep engineering skills in embedded systems and image processing. Contracted by vaccine and biotech company SBC to build the first portable at-farm-targeted Cloud connected PCR test machine, built a profitable startup Advoli to make the world’s first high-end industrial graphics cards with modular GPUs. Designed the world’s first Universal Lateral Flow Assay Analyzer based on Intel x86, and cloud connected, from concept to full USA-FDA Medical Device approval in less than 1 year, and worked with 20+ biotech companies to build up a portfolio of supported Antigen and Antibody tests, which is now the foundation for assaya.

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