iaX Mobile WiFi Hotspot Setup



For proper online operation, the iaX must be connected to the Internet.
– If a connection cannot be detected, the machine will still operate, but result data will not be transmitted to the cloud.
You can set up a WiFi Hotspot mobile connection for an Android phone or for iPhone/iPad, to make use of your iaX’s online functionality via your mobile device’s connection.

The setup is a one-time setup, so once you have it set up, it is very easy to switch it on and off.
There is no need for reconfiguring the settings, unless you change them after use.

TIP: A RED Power-LED light indicates problems with the network connection. – This happens if neither the Wired LAN or the Wireless LAN has a connection to the Internet.
For extended information on power LED statuses and device indicators, see the iaX user manual (IFU).


Wireless SSID (Network Name): Assaya
Passphrase (Network Password): 88888888

Authentication/Protection Type: WPA2 / WPA2 (Personal)
WPA Encryption Type: AES


WiFi Hotspot Mobile Setup – Android Phone/Tablet

If you already know how to turn on mobile data and activate a hotspot, you can skip forward to step 2, where we handle the WiFi hotspot details you will need to set up.

NOTE: All of the following actions take place within the Network and Internet settings, which is a sub-menu item of your device’s system settings.
To get there, you will have to locate the system settings icon.
This is usually found where all of your installed apps are listed (usually the main app drawer/folder).
It looks something like this:

It is also easily available from the top android system bar slide down menu. The slide-down menu is often activated by pulling down the system status bar at the very top of your screen with a one or two finger gesture, until it is fully visible.

TIP: You can edit this menu to have more icons if you don’t already have them, by using the pencil editing icon at the very bottom right hand corner.

The system settings icon should be next to the edit icon at the very bottom right hand corner of this menu, and looks like a single cog wheel as highlighted in the image and shown below. Tap it once for System Settings.

When you have opened the system settings, find the “Network and Internet” settings for the device and tap it once. The menu item you are looking for looks like this:

Step 1. Turn on Mobile Data

Turn Mobile Data ON for your device.
If you are using data roaming, be aware that extra fees might be added to your usage invoices.

The icon for Mobile Data looks like this when it is ON:

The icon for Mobile Data looks like this when it is OFF:

Simply tap the icon to toggle it between ON or OFF mode.
If you don’t have the icon in the slide-down menu, you can find Mobile Data settings in the Network & Internet sub-items:

To turn on or off Mobile Data from Network & Internet settings for the device, simply tap the slider ON/OFF button next to the Mobile Data menu item. When it is ON, it should look like this image.

Step 2. Set up Hotspot Settings

From slide-down menu:

To set up Hotspot Settings for your device, you can usually find the icon for enabling your mobile data in the system status bar slide-down menu. Simply tap and hold the hotspot icon with one finger to enter the settings for the Hotspot. The Hotspot icon looks something like this:

From Network & Internet Settings:
Navigate to the Network and Internet settings for the device. From
there, you can tap the Hotspot & tethering menu item.

Then you have to select the Portable WiFi Hotspot menu item, without turning it on first to enter the hotspot detailed setup screen. Tap on the name of the item in the left column, not the slider button to the right.

You now arrive here, at the Detailed Setup Screen (Click/Tap image to view large version):

Input the exact following details for the text input areas on this screen:

Wireless SSID (Network Name): Assaya
Passphrase (Network Password): 88888888

You can tick the checkbox that says “Show Password” to verify that you have entered the password correctly.

Now, make sure your WiFi Hotspot advanced settings are set properly: To view the advanced settings, simply tap the “three dotted” menu dropdown at the top of the screen, as shown here:

Then choose the “Advanced” menu item from the drop down menu:

Make sure your settings are as follows:

  • Hide SSID (Set to OFF / Not Checked)
  • WPA2 (AES) mode
  • 2.4GHz or 5GHz mode (both will work)
  • “Always On” power mode

    (Click/Tap image to view larger version)

Step 3. Turn on Hotspot and check connections

NOTE: The regular WiFi connection will be automatically changed to a hotspot connection when hotspot is activated. You will not be able to use the regular WiFi connection when using the hotspot, as the hotspot connection will occupy usage of the WiFi antenna.


There are multiple ways to start the Hotspot mode. Either way works in the same way.

METHOD 1: From the Advanced settings you were on just now, you can tap the back-arrow at the top bar, or tap the back button on your phone’s main system navigation
function menus to get back to the Hotspot Setup screen.
Then select the slider-button up top to activate the Hotspot, as
highlighted in this image.

A window with information and an OK button appears. Select the OK button to verify that you want to start the Hotspot.
The Hotspot is then activated.

You can also open the Network & Internet settings menu, as  described earlier, then go to Hotspot & tethering, and toggle the slide-button to the right of the “Portable WiFi Hotspot” menu item, as highlighted here. A window with information and an OK button appears. Select the OK button to verify that you want to start the Hotspot. The hotspot is now active.

METHOD 3: If you want quick and easy access to turning off and on the Hotspot after setting it up for the first time, you can use the icon in the slide-down system menu, as described earlier, and as highlighted here (Open large image by tapping/clicking it).


A window with information and an OK button appears. Select the OK button to verify that you want to start the Hotspot. The hotspot is now activated.

After activating the hotspot from either method above:


Wait for your nearby iaX’es to find and connect to the hotspot network.


In the connected devices, you can keep track of how many iaX’s are connected. Until it is connected, there will be a constant RED LED on the iaX power button. For other LED statuses, refer to other official documentation like the manual, to troubleshoot the iaX.

You will see the power LED on the iaX light up as a constant BLUE LED color when it has a connection.

The iaX is now online and connected via the phone’s Mobile Data modes like 3G, 4G,
and 5G and with a 2.4GHz or 5GHz Mobile WiFi Hotspot connection.



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