“A global network of connected diagnostic devices that can quickly test for any disease in any animal, that in real time can collect results locally and prevent outbreaks globally”…

  • The Vision

    The quote above, was the vision of our founder years before Assaya was founded. Clas Sivertsen had studied the unusual combination of physics, organic chemistry, electronics and programming in Oslo, Norway before reuniting with his American father in the US and starting a career in the world famous BIOS company American Megatrends Inc. (AMI).

  • Background Story

    Headquartered in Atlanta, GA not far from the CDC, working at AMI took him to Japan in 1999, and to Taiwan in 2003 where he was hospitalized during the original SARS outbreak, which spawned a life long interest in virology and other fields of biology. Sivertsen eventually parted ways with AMI after 5 years as their Vice President in Taiwan, and partnered with Charles Chen of Schweitzer Biotech Company(SBC) in Taiwan and Medigen Vaccine Biologics to develop diagnostic solutions first targeted at pandemic prevention in fish farming. This lead to the development of a cloud connected PCR system with the goal to test for pathogens at the farms rather than having to send sample in to a central laboratory. Unfortunately, it proved to be too difficult to do PCR outside a sterile lab environment, and the project resulted in the PCR machines still needing to be placed in controlled environments. Sivertsen then pivoted into another company again focusing on hardware design and industrial graphics.

  • A Universal Reader Is Born

    Shortly after the first reports about a new SARS-like virus emerging out of Wuhan connections in Atlanta reached out needing help in sourcing rapid antigen tests from Taiwan. It quickly became obvious that reading millions of these tests by eye would result in huge delays and misdiagnosis due to human errors. Sivertsen, now with a background in PCR machine design, scalable cloud solutions, and electronics manufacturing experience then began designing what would become the world’s first qualitative and quantitative universal lateral flow analyzer.

  • Assaya's Cradle

    In just 8 months, both Taiwan and USA FDAs had approved the device, and test-kit companies all over the world could finally have weak positives recognized and get accurate values reported after testing in real time. Finally, the vision of analytics at scale and the use of locally sourced consumables came to fruition, and Assaya was born. Since then, Assaya (which name is derived from “assay”) has been adding lots of test types from lots of manufacturers, and every day we continue to on-board more and more suppliers into the RAPID ecosystem for the benefit of humanity everywhere.

  • Diagnostics For Everyone

    Assaya's vision remains dedicated to giving people everywhere RAPID access to their own health status in the most equitable and transparent ways possible.

    And THIS, is why we jump out of bed every morning.


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Physics and biochemistry background from Oslo, Norway, 12 years in Atlanta, 3 years in Tokyo,...
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“Machine reading, cloud connectivity, and real-time data are changing the testing landscape.”

Clas Sivertsen

Assaya Founder and Chief Science Officer